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In an age where a smartphone can be used to alert us should people come
too close, print is doing a superb job. It’s direct, simple and it works. It is
immediately understandable by all, which is incredibly powerful in a time
when proliferating media choices can dilute a message. Print can achieve
and instant cut through.

At the moment, no piece of print sums up the lockdown experience better
than the fl oor sticker. No printed item has evolved so rapidly. From the
humble warning tape to well designed and printed branded fl oor graphics
to remind customers to keep their social distance. As more businesses are
allowed to open their doors the demand for these graphics, and other
social distancing paraphernalia, will continue to grow.

Along with being able to produce these floor stickers, we have put
together a range of products to keep your employees and customers safe
while we all navigate out of lockdown. The range includes posters,
barriers, roll up graphics, sanitation stations, external banners, wall
stickers and floor graphics.

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